About M.Y.Collection

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” ― Coco Chanel.

MelanieLet me tell you a little bit about myself but where do I begin? First and foremost I'm a Mama of two little angels who own my heart. Since a young age, I have always had a love for fashion and everything unique and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. ShopMYCollection is a carefully curated selection of pre-loved, unique, never worn , opulent , and sometimes decadent, pieces of fashion that would add magic to anyone’s closet. I wanted to create a space for people to part with cherished luxury pieces and others to find little treasures to add to their fashion palate. There is a little bit of everything for everyone and I hope you find a bit of magic to add some sparkle to your closet with the finds in my store. Happy Shopping- Mel